About My Works...

The Power of the Ancient Sigils is my latest works so far a book that builds upon romance and action, this was one of the first times I experimenting a bit more with genres to see where I can go.

Previously I posted up various smaller works including A Day In the School of magic on Fanfiction.net, The Elemental Triangle, Minions in Space, Life on Other Worlds and the Secret Zombie Weapon all on minds.com. Followed then by Emmy and the Lost Chapters in the Elements and Magic book, which is a side story to a main works still in progress.

I enjoy writing in my free time, the experience makes me go on a new journey, which I explore worlds fantasies and makes my imagination go wild.

Fantasy is my area of writing, by exploring and building a new world with characters that fit into the scene itself, wrapping around a world of many dangers into the context. Never is the situation safe their is always danger ahead. This is the way I like to think of and resemble life as being a dangerous journey in which anything can happen.

Why not twist these ideas and thoughts into scenes and build the energy. The starting point is always by making a character faced in an edgy and dangerous situation and seeing how there determination and skill gets them through the situation. Very much like life which has many puzzles and obstacles.